Choose any 5 questions (out of 10 finance questions) and write 5 pages of analysis report on Whole Foods (1 page per each question). This paper should be single spaced and 11 font size.

  1. What are some recent capital budgeting decisions for the company such as new products or entering a new geographical market? How is this related to management, marketing or operations decisions?

2 What are some recent capital structure decisions for the company? Has the company recently issued any new debt or equity?

  1. Find the most recent financial statements for the company from the Bloomberg terminals or online (ex. SEC website, etc.). Identify competitors and contrast the numbers.
  1. Calculate the basic ratios for this company. Identify competitors and contrast the numbers.
  1. What are the bonds outstanding for this company? How do their yields compare to the risk-free (treasury) bonds of the same maturity?
  1. What is the credit rating of this company? Have there been any recent changes such as downgrades or upgrades?
  1. Calculate the annualized stock price performance over the last 5, 10 and 20 years? How does it compare to the competitors and the market index? Revisit the stock performance ratios such as the PE ratio or the EPS.
  1. What is the beta coefficient for the company? How does it compare to the market index?
  1. How do you calculate the WACC for the company?
  1. Does the company pay any dividends? What is the dividend payout policy of the company?

Use as many references as needed

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