While the traditional management accounting techniques may have contributed to planning, controlling and decision making processes at the nation state level, the requirements of globalisation in which nation states now compete for survival in the global market rather than state market, has rendered traditional techniques obsolete and therefore calls for the mobilisation of modern techniques of management accounting. It also calls for the service of accountants with modern management accounting techniques for a successful implementation.

Critically examine the above statements by analysing the contribution of traditional management accounting techniques in an organisation, the necessity for modern management accounting techniques and the role of accountants in the implementation of the modern management accounting techniques in an organization.

Students should first and foremost examine the contribution of traditional management accounting techniques. They should thereafter advance some reasons why the traditional techniques may no longer cope with the global competition and the necessities for the services of modern management accountants equipped with modern management accounting techniques.

Other note:
The answer should be in essay form, making suitable use of sub-headings
Please do not rely solely on the internet for research

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