1. Based on the dilemma that you outlined in assignment one, write a report that discusses an ethical dilemma that you have experienced in your workplace. In relating this dilemma, please take into account any feedback provided by your marker in assignment one.

(MY ETHICAL DILEMMA – While working with my previous employer, one of my duties was reconsiling the company credit cards and ensuring that all the correct documents and details were provided when submitting for approval. I was faced with an ethical dilemma when topline managers at my work disobeyed the company credit card spenditure policy, and spent thousands of dollars on alochol during a business trip. Knowing what they got up to, when I questioned what I was to put as the ‘business purpose’ of this spenditure, I was advised to make it a ‘customer meeting’. I knew this was against company policy and didn’t feel comfortable when submitting the expenses. I later decided to speak to the ombunsman, to report the event that happened and the extensive spenditure on company credit cards. After the investigation, the topline managers were given offical warnings and minimum access to credit cards.º

2. In your report, discuss the nature of the dilemma, and how you resolved (or tried to resolve) it.

3. Use egoism to assess your actions. An effective way to do this is to:

a. Briefly outline the theory to demonstrate your understanding of it.

b. Apply theory to the action/s you took to resolve your dilemma using the method taught in this subject (see resource folder).

c. When you have applied the theory, make a clear statement regarding whether or not your application of theory finds your actions ethical.

4. Discuss whether you might do anything differently now that you have an understanding of ethical theory.

5. As professionals, we have an obligation to others. Explain how your actions may have affected other stakeholders (i.e. anyone who may have been affected by your actions). This should be done in a separate section to your application of theory.

PLEASE NOTE: Extra resources will be provided in your Interact site that clearly explain the task, and an online meeting will be held before your report is due in order to address any questions that you may have.
It is strongly recommend that you:

attend the related online meeting
use the assessment rationale and the marking rubric provided below
These should assist your understanding of the task, and how marks will be allocated.

Your report should consist of the following:

Title Page
Table of contents
Body of the report
References and

This task is designed to measure the following learning outcomes where students should be able to:

solve real life ethical dilemmas;
outline ethical theories in western moral philosophy and apply them in organisational contexts; and
critically reflect on their role as business professionals and how their future actions as business professionals can affect society in positive and negative ways.

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