Assignment Question: Employment Law
Rupert and Annabelle work as managers for Corona Hotels Plc. Lucy works for Jewel Hotels Ltd as an assistant manager. The salary structure of all three was agreed between The Hotel Managers Association and the British Hotels Board, to which all parties respectively belong.
The following events have now occurred:
1. Rupert, who receives an annual salary of £45,000, has discovered that Annabelle receives an annual salary of £49,000 for the same post, save for the fact that she works in the city of Birmingham, whilst Rupert is based in Hanley. All employees of Corona, based in Birmingham, receive a weighting allowance of £4,000.
2. Annabelle has just returned to work after nine months maternity leave and has discovered that all hotel managers working for Corona have received an annual bonus, which was not paid to her. She has also discovered that Charles, another hotel manager, is paid £2,000 Per annum more than her.

Charles carries out the same duties as Annabelle, but in addition, he also, at the request of his employers, edits a customer’s on line forum and when called to do so, he also reports about the forum to Corona’s senior management.
3. Lucy has discovered that Giles, an assistant manager working for Corona earns an annual salary of £33,000, whereas her annual salary is only £30,000. Neither of them receive a weighting allowance.
Advise Rupert, Annabelle and Lucy, who all wish to bring equal pay claims.

Learning Outcomes:

Justify and appraise issues relating to the Employment Law looking at issue, principles and rules relating to rights at work.
Critically analyse how Employment Law seeks to address problematic substantive and procedural legal issues such as the employment contract, protection against dismissal, redundancy and discrimination and through this develop personal impact, and confidence.
Exhibit a critical awareness associated with procedural and substantive legal issues looking at such aspects as exclusionary and inclusionary evidence when researching scenario areas in Employment Law.

Assignment Brief:
– It is expected that the Reference List will contain twenty sources. As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include three refereed academic journals and four academic books.
20 Cases Minimum
Harvard footnotes

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