Emerging markets and investment banking services

You are to write a report on the investment banking industry in an emerging market of your choice to:

1. explain the structure of the investment banking industry in that country e.g. the investment banks (both domestic and international) operating there, some data on market shares, league tables, revenues and profitability etc. where available;

2. briefly assess the factors which explain why the industry has developed in that country in the way it has – consider what changes have taken place in the last two or three years and what factors have driven these changes – make sure you use up-to-date material;

3. Identify potential management problems and conflicts of interest for investment banks operating in that market and suggest possible solutions. Ask for a list of countries considered suitable emerging markets for your assignment if you have not already received this.

Stage 1 – as early as possible in the course investigate emerging markets to identify one which interests you and on which you have sufficient information, and then obtain approval for your choice from the module leader. Failure to get approval will mean that the assignment will receive no marks. A claim afterwards that insufficient information was available will not be accepted. You will be provided with a list of recommended markets; please discuss any other options before going ahead with them.

Stage 2 – submit a single page word-processed summary of the assignment to the module leader at the class session during the week beginning Monday 22 February 2016 outlining the points you will be making. You will receive a brief written response identifying any major omissions.

Stage 3 – complete the assignment (maximum 2,000 words) and hand it in on or before the date specified in your assessment scheduler.

You should ensure that material which you obtain about the country is applied to investment banking. This is not an assignment about the whole of the finance sector or about the retail banking industry.

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