Research and select an example in the news media of a story that details an instance of marginalization of the group or member of the social/cultural group you wrote about in the first paper. It should be as timely as possible. Your thesis should argue that the media coverage either did or did not contribute to and perpetuate this marginalization. Discuss whether any dehumanizing, objectifying, sexualizing or other oppressive communication has contributed to the inherent power struggle that occurs when one group exerts authority and control over another. Or does the media coverage do the opposite? That is, does it reduce marginalization by presenting the story objectively and free of stereotypical and prejudicial perceptions? Offer three more examples of media coverage in this case that support your thesis and evaluate each in terms of this same content analysis. Media outlets should be credible, credentialed journalism. Main story must be print format. Three back-up stories can be a mix, but of the four news stories, two must be print and the other two can be either print or video/multimedia or other formats from credible, credentialed news organizations. Blogs are acceptable if widely recognized as credible, credentialed journalism. Buzzfeed and Wikipedia are not acceptable sources.

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