Effective communication and collaborative skills

• Effective communication and collaborative skills are essential to patient safety and successful health care delivery. For this assignment, pretend that you are proposing some new interpersonal collaborative communication strategies to be implemented in your health care organization. You will be creating a PowerPoint presentation (8–10 slides) to complete this assignment. Although you are not required to really present your presentation, you will want to think about your audience when putting together the slides.

The speaker or presenter notes should include the narration that you would use with each slide, as well as citations to the literature you used to support your suggestions. The last slide should also have references that you used to support your communications proposal. Please refer to the Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations document (given in the resources) as you create your PowerPoint presentation.

Make sure to complete the following for your presentation:

• Define the problem.
• Identify the types of communication barriers that occur within a professional team.
• Explain how the communication barriers can impact patient safety and health care outcomes.
• Propose strategies and implementation.
• Recommend specific evidence-based strategies to improve interprofessional collaboration and communication within the team.
• Explain how the proposed collaborative communication strategies will benefit team members and patients.

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