effect of performance satisfaction appraisal system on employee at the Ministry of Civil Service

• Should engage the reader in an interesting way through a quote or fact
• Should define and elaborate the concept/s that you are investigating
• Should give brief introduction about the chosen company
• Should give the structure of the report

• Should identify a problem theoretically related to the chosen topic (concept) or problem in the chosen organization
• Should indicate the source of the problem
• Should provide a rationale for the study- how your research will benefit the organization. What value will the findings have for the chosen organization?
• Provide data if possible to support your arguments or facts
Although creativity and innovation is a buzz word today and most firms agree that it is very important strategic ability, few firms are found it be practicing it. It is evident that most of the firms do have polices to support creative and innovative efforts but its implementation and outputs are not really seen. However with the advent of globalization (Oman became a member of WTO in 2007), and a greater exposure to westerns economies and competition, the need for entrepreneurial management has been felt in the corporate sector. This has been emphasized by a number of training and consultancy firms and educational institutions that deliver programmes for the corporate sector. Orange company has taken a number of measures to promote creativity and innovation but has not succeeded as the employees have resisted change measures. The company has shown only 3 innovative outcomes which were recognized by the management and rewarded. The company market share dropped from 17%in 2010 to 12% in 2012. This study will analyze the factors that prevent employees to be creative and innovative in Orange Company. It will suggest measures to the firm to improve its innovation profile in the industry.

Research objectives
• Should clearly state what the research aims to achieve (outcomes)
• There should not be more that 4 research objectives or less than 2 research objectives
• Research objectives can be converted to research objectives (see handout)
• Each research objective should focus on one issue

1. To evaluate the challenges to creativity and innovation in Orange company
2. To make appropriate recommendations to orange company based on the findings

More Examples
To investigate the training methods used in Oman Air
To analyze the effectiveness of training methods in Oman Air
To compare the financial performance of company x with company y

Literature Review
• Literature review is an extensive and exhaustive review of the existing literature on your chosen topic (concepts).
• Through literature review you define, explain and elaborate the relevant concepts on your topic.
• Through literature review you make your reader aware of the depth of knowledge that exists in your chosen area of study.
• Through literature review you elaborate on the possible relationship between concepts that may or may not exists
• Through literature review you appreciate the various schools of thought and disagreements that might exist within the area of your study (critical review)

Literature review should not:
• Be descriptive but should be analytical and evaluative
• Should not be disjointed but there should be link across the discussions
• Should not be dated (very old references) but updated (most recent researches)

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