1.) Apply appropriate theoretical perspectives, models of practice, frames of reference, and available evidence in the treatment of individuals with mental health conditions.

2.) Assess the signs and symptoms of various mental health conditions, including precautions, as related to developing a plan for occupational therapy intervention.

ACOTE Standards Addressed:
Identify interventions consistent with models of occupational performance. (B.2.11)

Describe and apply basic features of the theories that underlie the practice of occupational therapy. (B.3.1)

Describe and apply basic features of models of practice and frames of reference that are used in occupationaltherapy. (B.3.2)

Students will select a specific diagnosis from the spectrum of eating disorders with faculty approval.

● Describe typical signs and symptoms of the condition

● Describe the impact those symptoms have on occupation

● What is/are the prevailing opinions on most effective OT intervention(s) for this condition and what scholarly research supports that?

● Find 3 research articles supporting this opinion

● What specific group intervention(s) could OT practitioners use with the diagnosis or medical condition you selected?

● How does the scholarly research support this as well?

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