Document Management system

The purpose of this assignment is to create a model of a system or game utilizing appropriate industry-standard methodologies. In this assignment, you will research and develop documents reflecting each lifecycle phase in producing a system or a game. Use one or more of the following industry methodologies to create your system or game model (i.e. Object Orientation, Rapid Software Development, Design Patterns, UML – Unified Modeling Language, Agile model, etc.).

The following is a list of suggested software systems, web sites and games you may be interested in creating a model for:

  • Software systems
    • Document Management system
    • Medical records system
    • Flight booking system
    • Credit card transactions system
    • Transit traffic system
  • Web sites
    • Flight reservation web site
    • Tennis court reservation web site
    • Book store web site
    • Social web site (i.e. MySpace)
    • Auction web site
  • Games
    • Breakout
    • Space Invaders
    • Atomica
    • Pacman
    • Pong


The following documents and diagrams should be produced at the end of the game development project:

  • System or Web Site Development Project:
    • Index to documents
    • Project plan and scheduling
    • Risk Analysis document
    • User Requirements document
    • System Design document
    • Functional Design
  • Game Development Project:
    • Index to Documents
    • High Concept
    • Pitch Document
    • Concept Document
    • Technical Design Document
    • UML Diagrams
    • Test Plan
    • Project Plan
    • Art Production Plan
    • External Events
    • Current Risks

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