Describe the overall economic health and trends.

1. Describe the economic state of the country. o Describe the overall economic health and trends. o What are the specific indicators that drove your assessment of this country’s economic

condition? o Which economic indicator(s) do you think is the most important when considering the impact

on your company’s division? Why? 2. Describe the current business cycle and its implications.

o What stage of the business cycle is the country in? What are the historical trends? (long-term expansion, volatile cycles, etc.)

o What does this imply for the growth of your company? o What stage of the business lifecycle is your company and industry in? o How would you recommend positioning the company at the present time to monopolize on

current conditions? Would you change that positioning in the near future? (i.e. increase investment to take advantage of low interest rates, use opportunity to source talent, etc.)

3. What specific economic indicators do you recommend continuing to monitor closely and why? o What strategic insight will these indicators provide? o How frequently do you need to monitor them for changes?

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