Fieldwork and laboratory report (term two activities; 3500 words maximum)
During the term two activities week (w/c 22nd February 2016) you will complete field sampling of several environmental sites and subsequently will prepare samples in the laboratory for the determination of metal concentrations in sediment and plant samples, in order to assess the level of environmental risk related to environmental pollution. Following the training provided during term one fieldwork and subsequent laboratory activities, you will be expected to work more independently (albeit still under supervision) in order to complete this similar assessed fieldwork and laboratory exercise during the term two activities week and subsequent weeks in the laboratory. Field and laboratory work will be undertaken as a class activity, with synthesis, analysis, interpretation and discussion of the entire dataset subsequently completed individually. Your report should draw on all of the Environmental Risk Management unit content, e.g. via inclusion of statistical analyses and/or the use of GIS.
The report should consider and include the following:
Report layout and presentation.·
Summary of field and laboratory methods.·
Data synthesis, analysis, interpretation and discussion, including· evidence of integration with published reports and scientific journal articles.
Use of supporting figures and tables.·
Consideration of other marine pollutants that could be included in a· more comprehensive
follow-up environmental risk assessment study.

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