This is a weekly critical appraisal report CAR that will be due for submission during the lastthree rounds of the simulation. It will be a review of your individual activity for decision areas 4-6 and it will cover theories and concepts engaged in your decision making and also the discussion of the rationale and results of your decision.


Each CAR will have a maximum word limit of 2500 words and it will follow the format below.


  1. Title (Round numbers and decision area name)
  2. Introduction (to include situation analysis-presenting organisational context and should also include relevance of your office and departmental objective.)
  3. Critical review of literature (theories, concept and frameworks) appropriate and relevant to your department/decision area/operation focus.(your item 5 below must demonstrate the application of these theories and concepts with proper referencing)


  1. Critical evaluation of departmental activity. (to be demonstrated through following) • Corporate goals and strategies • Departmental/operational Strategy and implementation • Departmental result • Assessment of performance


  1. Critical individual reflection on management of departmental. (including effective comparison of quality of decision pre and post MBR.) 6. Conclusion 7. References (a minimum list of 10 sources including 5 academic textbook and 5 academic journal in subject area under review presented in CU Harvard style)

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