Watch the movie SICKO (2007, Michael Moore).

Reflect on the main differences between the nations within the movie (pick two specific countries and compare and contrast the content from the film).  You will be writing a brief persuasive essay that focuses on which country you would prefer to live and why.

Review the content on persuasive essays under content on elearn.

  1. Your essay should include a brief introduction to your topic, as well as a brief conclusion of your ideas or main points (if not included, you will lose marks for writing style)
  2. Must be written in APA format (title page, reference page and in text citations)
  3. Complete the following table and summarize your findings in a brief two paragraph reflection comparing and contrasting the countries that you have chosen (3 marks).  You must include the completed table as an appendix at the end of your essay prior to your reference page (1 marks)
Country or nationType of health care system discussed (explain why you believe it is that type of system – with evidence from the movie)Benefits (give specific examples from the movie and how they are a benefit)Deficits (give specific examples from the movie and how they can be viewed as a deficit in the system)
  1. Write a brief reflection on which country or nation you would prefer to live, based on the information provided within the movie and explain why you made your choice (back up your thoughts with proof and content from the movie) (5 marks)
  2. Maximum 750-1000 words total for your essay (this does not include the table – reference page – title page – in text citations)

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