Select one of following two topics for your assignment. The essay is to be 2,000 words in length and must contain a reference list of all sources consulted (not included in word length). Marking will be on the basis of research effort, engagement with appropriate academic literature, content, argument effectiveness and writing style. The options for the individual assignment are as follows:
1.Consumer society has brought endless choice to the marketplace through a vast array of different product and services. Critically evaluate the concept of “consumer choice” and discuss whether you think more choice is bringing more customer satisfaction.
2.Using theory, explore the difference between a university student and a university consumer.

Important criteria for assessment
(Applies to both assignment and examination)

a) Overall: Answering the question(s); knowledge and understanding of theory and literature; knowledge and reference to appropriate cases and evidence; and analysis and structure.

b) Data: Draw upon the suggested readings indicated for each lecture and workshop, as well as seeking out and using additional apposite material including case study examples.

c) Logic and coherence: Introduce the topic, e.g. presenting an overview and indicating the key theoretical and empirical points that will cover the topic or validate your argument. The core of the assignment or exam question answering should then investigate each of these key issues in turn. You should bear in mind the links between each key issue and your main argument and the links between the key issues. The conclusion should summarise and re-emphasise the main argument and key points.

d) References: Full regulations on essay writing including referencing system are given in the School of Management Student Handbook.

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