Company introduction and justification of selection of HTC

Here is a base of what specifically needs to be done:

1) Company introduction and justification of selection of HTC

. Clearly justify your choice, using both theoretical and empirical arguments.

Both at the empirical level (relevance of the company, activities and operations, personal interests) as well as with specific respect to the course (is the company in a controversial industry? Is there a debate about the social impact of the company’s operations?). Clearly identify the issues faced by the company (250 words).

250 words altogether

  1. Introduce the main stakeholders for the company. Describe their claims and analyse their importance and nature using consolidated theories and relevant empirical data. Would a social enterprise address the needs of the stakeholders better? 400 words
  1. Analysis of CSR approach in different countries CSR is a “time and place specific” concept. How does the company compare to the companies of specifically apple, Samsung, HP? how the company is operating in some emerging markets and what are the differences, challenges and opportunities it is facing. You are expected to support your arguments consulting journal articles and other sources. 400 words
  1. Critical assessment on the CSR strategy of the company, and critically assess the CSR strategy of HP Do you think the company is addressing its responsibilities? Why? How would you assess the effectiveness of the CSR strategy? Any interesting comparative examples apple,Samsung or HP? What social enterprise initiatives could be used by your chosen or proposed new company?

400 words

Recommendation for future changes and proposal for a social enterprise in your chosen sector. Put forward recommendations for a social enterprise alternatives and/or a social enterprise plan. Which area of further development can you identify? Considering other relevant examples, can you suggest any other action? Learning from the SCR issues of other competitors specifically apple, Samsung, HP, what lessons can be learned for an ethical, social enterprise?

475 words

Sources must be from at least:

Blowfield M. Murray A. 2011 Corporate Responsibility. A critical introduction, 2nd Edition Oxford

University Press Buchholtz A.K Carroll A.B. 2012 Business and Society. Ethics and Stakeholder Management, 8th Edition South Western, Cengage Learning

Crane A. Matten D. 2010 Business Ethics. 3rd Edition Oxford University Press

Kotler, P. and Lee, N. (2005) “Best of Breed: When it Comes to Gaining A market Edge while Supporting a Social Cause, “Corporate Social Marketing” Leads the Pack”, Social Marketing Quarterly, Vol. 11 Issue 3/4, p91-103

Gartner W.B. Bellamy M.G. 2010 Enterprise South-Western Cengage Learning

Treviño L.K , Nelson K.A 2007 Managing Business Ethics. Straight talk about how to do it right, 4th edition John Wiley & Sons

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Griseri, P., and Seppala, N. (2010) Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, SouthWestern Cengage Learning.

Fraedrich J., Ferrell L., and Ferrell O.C. (2011) Ethical Decision Making in Business, 9th Edition, South-Western Cengage Learning

You are also expected to do further research on sources and find more text books and online sources to add for your essay.

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