Company Financial Strategy
You are a Management Consultancy practice and have been approached by McTavish and Company to advise them on future strategy.Details of the company with accounts and project profile were enclosed in Teaching Paper Number One.
The Report should seek to address the current trading and financial difficulties faced by the company and should focus on the following:
O The type and scale of contracts that the company should concentrate on in the future, and also the geographical scope of the contracts bid for.
O The bidding strategy for contracts, the target profit margin, the method of allocation of overhead cost.
O The strategy for speculative housing work, the target profit margins, possible land purchases etc.
O The financial strategy to accomplish the above strategy, the requirements for working capital, sources of funding and likely costs.
O The management and organizational structure suitable to implement the above, the scope for the use of consultants rather than employing staff, etc.
The above could take account of the national and local economic environment and be referred to relevant forecasts and projections. The financial implications of the strategy should be taken into account. For example, an aggressive marketing strategy for speculative housing will require expenditure on advertisement. Equally, a proposal to expand geographically will certainly increase overhead costs.
The Business Plan should be submitted in the form of a Technical Report detailing and justifying the chosen strategy. It should include cash flow forecasts, projected profitability, complete with relevant location maps, etc. In addition the Report should contain a submission for funding to the appropriate bank.
The Report is to be submitted jointly by the group. Each member should append a paragraph outlining their specific contribution to the group’s work and a summary of what they have learned from undertaking the project.
A slide presentation for the main findings and recommendations should be included with the report.
This should be submitted by Friday of Week 14 via GCU Learn. A hard copy may also be submitted on the same day.

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