The Report • It must be a report with headings and subheadings. • It must be suitable for presentation in a professional setting. • It must be 2000 words. • It must be written in the third person. • You must use credible scholarly sources to support your analysis and recommendations. • You are to write your report from the perspective of a social worker employed in the community-housing organisation. The Task • You are required to analyse the case study for the purpose of assessing the function of the organisation and making recommendations to address organisational issues. • The recommendations must be constructive and aim to move the organisation forward, for service users, the community, staff, management and the funding bodies. Marking Criteria You must convince the reader of the following. Understanding of human service organisations. (10 marks) Understanding of impacts of organisational contexts. (10 marks) Level of analysis demonstrated. (10 marks) Persuasive and pragmatic recommendations. (10 marks) Effective use of report format demonstrating English Language Proficiency (ELP). (10 marks) Literature supports analysis and recommendations. (5 marks) Minimum of 12 scholarly sources. Accurate in-text and end-text referencing as outlined in the ECU Referencing Guide. (5 marks) Learning Outcomes This assessment assists in achieving the following learning  Analyse the functions and characteristics of human serviceØoutcome/s:   Explain theØorganisations from different ideological perspectives.  impact of different organisational structures, management styles and locations (with a focus on regional, rural and remote communities) on  Identify the ways in which human services areØsocial work practice.   Understand andØdelivered through policies, programs and organisations.   Understand how toØexplain the development of the welfare state.  practice effectively within organisational settings.

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