Critically discuss how evidence based biomechanics may influence the management of a patient case of degenerative lumbar spine spondylolisthesis grade 4 of L4-L5 with respect to either the appropriate conservative, or surgical management approach. (2550 words)

Introduction: Give a brief background of the epidemiology and briefly discuss the patho-biomechanics. Give your search strategy including list of terms and databases and introduce the relevant themes.

Main body: You should give an evidence based account of the biomechanical factors which may contribute to the underlying pathology. You should select and focus on one area of management.

Conclusion: you need to draw the evidence together to support the continued use of your chosen treatment option.

The assignment will be marked using the assignment grid which is mapped to the Master level descriptors.

You must follow this guidelines:
1- Knowledge:
• Integrates a complex range of knowledge with excellent understanding of its relevance.
• Excellent depth of knowledge in a variety of contexts.
• Coherent and systematic application of theory to practice

2- Cognitive processes:
• Excellent critical analysis and synthesis.
• Arguments handled skilfully with imaginative interpretation of material.
• Willingness to challenge self and practice.

3- Referencing and using evidence
• Referencing APA (Harvard) Style approximately 27 sources is a recommendation
• Detailed use of predominantly primary sources which are well referenced and are used creatively to develop the work.

4- Communication:
• Presentation is excellent, well structured and logical.
• Demonstrates a scholarly style.
• Excellent grammar and syntax.

You should ensure that you demonstrate the following:
Ø Evidence of reading from a variety of relevant sources including evidence based practice and management guidelines.

Ø Accurate use of references throughout the text and reference section

Ø Accuracy in the interpretation and critical comment of material presented

Ø Innovation in interpretation of investigations, clinical outcomes and results

Ø Analytical comment and synthesis of ideas

Ø Critical evaluation and discussion of the research evidence

Ø A logical flow to content

Ø You must adhere to the word limit

Font size 12 Arial or Times New Roman

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