You must select a patient for the
case study who has experienced cardiac
1.Write a brief summary of the patient’s
current health problem, relevant history and any specific early management
provided to address the primary problem prior to arriving in your ward
This should be sufficient to set the scene for the reader and should
take up no more than one (1) to one and a half (1 ½) pages.

2.To facilitate demonstrating depth of knowledge related to complex care
patients, critically analyse the related health problem (cardiac failure) that the patient experienced using evidence
based findings.
3. The paper should focus upon detailed explanation of the
underlying pathophysiology related to the presenting problems.
4.The paper should include an introduction that describes how the case is to be
presented and organized and a conclusion that draws the key themes together.
5.Use a minimum of 10 scholarly references to support your discussion themes
ensuring that you correctly reference your work.

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