Sources must be from book and journal artical and must be within 10 years

Need to have diagram table and chart********

Content page

executive summary

Choose a company
writer about
Problem Space (cause & effect)
3 Changes of improvement
company issues
company problem
identify the 3 problem in high mid and low
Internal and external
change project 1
change project 2
change project 3
1 -3 are the 3 problem happening in the company
Risk Assessment
literature review
Project Appraisal
what you want to do
explain why your problem will help the business performance

Have to mention about Quality
mention pay back value composition
Rate of Return
What is the risk of this project

Need to have diagram table and chart********

Must use Microsoft project
create a scheduled task
work resources

show the schedule
show the budget
cost of machinery
salary and fee
equipment installation charges

Have to use Microsoft Excel to do Risk
have to show the 3 problem
identify the 3 problem in high mid and low

use Microsoft project to create a risk assessment dash board
show the probability , impact, risk level and risk severity***

prepare the title and abstract ( Framework)
draft literature review
date gathering
discuss findings
Analyse data.

Project Risk and Issues
Draft Project Plan
Implementation Approach

Literature Review for Priorities
prioritization Matrix Score Project 1,2 and 3 versus Priorities
Highest Score Project
Literature Review for RC/CI impacts
Determine RC or CI for project
Literature Review for Risk Management for Risk Action

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