A small business has 10 employees. Within last 3 months, they have begun to miss deadlines for meeting customer orders, there is tension in the office with people blaming each other for not doing their jobs. The two new employees recently hired, seem motivated but aren’t producing. This used to be a great place to work, now people are checking out the classified job ads.

What would you do as the business owner? List three actions that you would take to improve the overall situation. Be sure you explain your actions with sufficient detail.

Provide 1 Scholarly Reference

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A Neighborhood Pizza owned by a husband and wife buy their dough, pizza toppings, cartons, flyers, sodas, cheese, sauce, cleaning supplies from different vendors. In the summer they go to local market to buy fresh produce. Their store room is filled to the max. They estimate they spend 2 full days a week just getting supplies,doing inventory and figuring out what to order. They know their supplier costs have been going up. What recommendations would you have to improve their supplier management? Provide at least three recommendations and indicate what would be the benefit to them for each one.

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