Visa is major corporations competing in the global marketplace. Choose one of these companies and provide 2000 word summary report (plus appendices) to their Chief Executive and Senior Management addressing the following major issues in their global business environment and industry. A link to a Harvard case study for the companies had been provided below as a starting point. Extensive further information on each company, their industry and major competitors is also available on the internet, including on business and industry databases.
Based on a PESTEL analysis where do you see the Global Business Environment creating threats and/or opportunities to their business over the next 5-10 years.
What is the main industry that your chosen company competes in? For this industry, provide a summary of an industry analysis using Porter’s 5 force framework (or 6 force framework – if complementary products are important in the industry) and an overview of the major implications of this analysis of the industry for your chosen company. The 5 forces framework is an Industry Analysis tool and you should focus on one major industry in which your chosen company competes.
If you view other analytical tools or frameworks useful in these analyses, please feel free to use them and demonstrate in your report their usefulness.
Your detailed PESTEL analysis, 5 (6) Forces Analysis and the detailed findings from any other analysis tools you use should be included in the Appendices, the key findings and recommendations based on these should be included in your 2000 word Executive Summary Report.
The links to the 3 Case Studies are below, choose one of these companies as the company for which you are preparing the PESTEL Analysis of their Business Environment and the 5 Forces Analysis of their industry.

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