break down by single speaker a critic must determine details by a speakers public character in a neoclassism speech analysis.

Criticisms of neoclassism
Aristotles rhetoric not really a guide for critics more deisnged to teach others to speak
an excluse concern with the effects of speaking does not alwayhs prodicue significnt criics
Encouraged a mechanical approach to speaking without emotion.
Lakcing emotional appeal, logical appeal.

When analyzing this performance you must must look at
1selected artifact reconstruct constuctrd in which arrifact occurs. application of cannons of arifact. Assess impact of artifact on audience.
2 analyzed artifact
3. reconstruct context. Critic discusses how various components of he context affected the rhetoric that was forulated. This means a critic investigates there ethings’ rhetor, occasion and audience.

I. rhetor not a bio but study th individuals rhetor to disssscover links beteween rhetorical effects and the rhetoris history, experience, character, motivation, attutiudes, formal training, communication skills, formal training in the rhetorical meanin selected, rhet preparation motivation focus why did the rhtor do that
III Personal elements of the occasion, the purpose, what influenced choice of subject and approach or the peculiar demands of the time and place when the rhetoric occurred. Pay attention to historical anticdoents of rhetoric specific events that gave rise to the idea and polished it the social and cultural attitudes toward the topic of rhetoric

IV Context looks at audience for rhetoric the rhetor wants to accomplish certanin goals. Know the audience does he know something

Applying cannons
q. Invention. the location and creation of materials for he speech. Can hae logos or ethos.
2. Organization. The structure and arrangement of the speech. Is it chronological, spicial, problem soltion, causual, what
3. Style, the language of the speech. Is there imager, symbols, figures of speech works used.
4. memory, mastery or the subject matter. Did the speakers manner of presentation accomplis his goal.
5. delivery management of voice and gestures in the speech. Was speaker entertainng, extemperaneous.

Assessing Effects
What is the goal and the conclusion
No single answer to say if this is effective but is it effective in your opiion, mine is yes it is.

Formulating a reason
Something like did the rhetor use the available jmeans of persuasive to evoke the intended response from the audience

Now writing the essay mus answer all this above and include 5 compnonets below here in order. Integrate but this is the order.

1. Intro discuss research question. Its contrivution to rhetoricl ahtoery its significance.
2. A description of the artifact and contemt
3. Description of the method of critiism, in this case, neo Aristotilian criticism
4. report finddings of anlaysis in whic you exploian the rhetors report of findings and nalysis in whch you exxplicate the rhetroirs choices through applicqations o cannons to your artifact
5. Discussion of the contribution the cannon made to the theory.

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