– Although we are in the era of talent management, majority of companies have an extremely tight budget or do not see the importance in investing on a proper recruitment and selection process. Everything is hasten up to get an employee in.

– Recruitment: For SMEs and companies on a strict budget; What are the common platforms used to recruit? Is it reliable? Can we compare recruitment methods to company’s performance. If not, what other alternatives? We can explore various methodology on checking which platforms would be the MOST valid/reliable to recruit employees. Recruiting effective employees from the right (reliable/valid) platform affects the company’s bottom line

– Selection:Cheapest/one-time off selection process to recruit employees (executives/managers). Please look into assessment centre/personality profiles/structured interview/referrals/IQ test etc.

B) Objective

This means that ANY smes can utilised the standardized recruitment and selection kit for their companies. It is like a package where they can buy off the shelf that is cheap, reliable and valid.

C) Research Method

Please propose various research methods that is not too complex. Below are just ideas that you can explore.

– We can define positions by managers/executive/non-executives
– Define the recruitment and selection process for SMEs by industries. If possible, the recruitment and selection kit should be consistent across industries
– Surveys/experiments/focus groups e.t.c

Important Notes**
– Please make it easy for me to relate or understand the lingo when I present it to the university panel

Sources of Reference**
1 internet
2 journals
2 books

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