The purpose of this paper is to understand the role of the Homecare Registered Nurse in the management of clients with chronic disease. The student will be assigned a disease process from the exemplars listed in the Syllabus for the course. The paper should include what the nurse is to teach the client about the disease, the assessment of the home and client, which specific interventions should the nurse perform, discuss the medications that the client may be on and the teaching, the cost associated with this disease, and the long term complications that the services provided by the Homecare Registered Nurse can prevent.

Please refer to the rubric for grading criteria.

Paper Requirements
Must use APA style (Refer to the APA Manual 6th Ed or
Appropriately formatted running head
Appropriately formatted title page-NO ABSTRACT
Minimum of 5 pages for the body of the paper
Appropriately formatted reference page
Appropriately in text citation.

Required to use a minimum of 3 scholarly, peer reviewed, nursing journals (not including textbook). The articles must be within the past 5 years and only from a nursing journal.

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