Using the correct format for an Annotated Bibliography, is required to summarise and critically evaluate three (3) articles chosen. Please be aware that as the ability to reference is an integral part of an Annotated Bibliography, the article list is not written using the APA referencing system.

the three articles that I chosse are:
1.‘Molecular gastronomy: cuisine innovation or modern day alchemy?’ John Cousins, Kevin O’Gorman, & Marc Stierand, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, (2009)
2.‘The Role of Food Tourism in Sustaining Regional Identity: A Case Study of Cornwall, South West England’, (2010), Sally Everett & Cara Aitchison, Journal of Sustainable Tourism
3.‘Generation Y and work in the tourism and hospitality industry: problem? What problem?’ Cairncross&Buultjens (2007)

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