This assignment requires you to fully understand the requirements for the majors you're considering. There are a couple of online resources for identifying admission requirements and the courses you would take.

The list of departments will take you to a list of the departments and colleges at the UA. From here, you can access more information about each college or department on campus, as well as information about the majors offered within each college.
There is an Advisement Report (ADVIP) for every major or minor offered at the UA. These reports explain the graduation requirements for every degree plan at the UA. These may look nightmarish, but they are the most centralized source of information on major requirements. These are useful to have when you are talking to major-advisors.
Another good source for finding out what the requirements are for any major is the web site for the department offering the major. Look up the department from the UA directory. From the individual department web site, click on “Undergraduates” or “Degrees” and look for information on admission requirements and/or required classes.
Finally, another source of information is the becoming-popular Four-Year Plan. Not all majors provide these, and some bury them in their websites. Many are available through the Advising Resource Center. For instance, if you select Business Management, there is a link to the four year plan. These are useful as a planning document, in order to meet prerequisites in a timely fashion.
As mentioned in a previous assignment, some majors require a student to complete either an onilne or in-person information session. These are usually listed on the 'how to declare' or under the 'additional info' link on the individual majors' pages in the Advising Resource Center.
Pick 3-5 UA majors you want to learn more about. Answer the following questions for each major:

What is the suggested curriculum for the major? You do not need to include discussion of Tier One and Tier Two courses, since these are required for all undergraduate majors.
Are there courses listed under “core courses” in the ADVIP?
What are the possible areas of concentration?
What are the math and second language requirements?
Does the major require a minor?
Are there courses a student must complete before applying for admission to take the upper-division courses in the major? Are there GPA restrictions?
What is the application process? How do you declare the major? For some majors, students must first attend or complete an information session – if this is one of them explain the process.
Provide at least two examples of internships, research opportunities, or clubs that these major departments provide.
What kinds of career opportunities are associated with the majors youve selected?
Your answers should be enumerated and follow standards of written English.

Write your essay in Microsoft Word or save it as a PDF and submit it to the Dropbox. Files that are the wrong format or that cannot be read will not be graded.

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