The group written report will address the following areas:
1. Identify and discuss the terms of reference justifying the business case for your project.
2. Identify the aim and objectives established for the work; these will be set in conjunction with the .
3. Discuss the values of the organization( Royal volunteer UK – visit the site for Royal volunteer and read about it to know more about the value for them)and how these relate to your project.
4. Project Overview.(1000 words)
This section will deal with how the project was organised and will be unique to each group. You will discuss the activities undertaken as part of your project and also include a project plan and any documentation that you prepared for the charity – if appropriate these may be included in appendices.
This section will vary from group to group and depend upon your project.
5. Conclusions
6. Recommendations
You must also include in an appendix a copy of the minutes from each of your meetings and evidence of managing your project.

*During the module you will be developing the 10 key skills for Learning and Employment and you will be asked to reflect and reference these in some tasks.
The 10 Key Skills for Learning and Employment are:
1. Cognitive skills of critical thinking, analysis and synthesis
2. Effective problem solving and decision making
3. Effective communication, oral and written
4. Numeracy and quantitative skills
5. Effective use of communication and information technology
6. Effective self management
7. Effective performance within a team environment
8. Interpersonal skills
9. Ability to conduct research into business and management issues
10. Self awareness and criticality

About the project we have done
We choose Royal volunteer to do our project by invest 10 pound from them by selling something in the uni
First we discuss and agree to sale Arabic hot drink at the uni as there are a lot of Arabic student in the uni then we start the process to book a stall in the uni the we find it will be difficult to sale hot drink in the uni because of risk assessment it will take more than month and it too late to do the presentation and the showcase so we discuss to swap the idea from Arabic hot drink to Henna drawing as one of our member is good to do this job and it was good idea to invest money but unfortunately the uni reject the idea in terms of health and allergy reasons so finally we find the best idea it was to sale crisps that we bring it from Qatar it will be good idea specially because no body can found it in UK
We book the stall with help from our tutor
We organize our self and we start to advertise our project by mention our society in Instagram to let Arabic people know about us
*We sale all the crisps in one day
We meet 5 times
1- First meeting we discuss a lot of idea and we choose he Arabic coffee
2- We meet and we discuss again new project as the first one will take long time to have the approve from the uni so we choose to idea doing Henna or seling some crisps that we bring it from Qatar then we discuss with our tutor the 2 idea to see which one will have the approval from the uni
3- We meet again as the tutor told the leader for our group that we cant do the Henna but we can sale the crisps
4- We meet again to organize our self for the day which we will sale the crisps on and see when we will able to do it and we find that it will be more helpful if we creat Group chatting to contact each other instead of meeting for simple things as we have a lot of other assessment to do
5- We contact each other by Group chatting by Whatssapp that we creat it to make easy contact and keep in touch
6- We meet again to sort out the presentation that we do ir for Royal volunteering and out tutor
7- We meet to practice the presentation befor the actual presentation
8- Then we present every thing that we have done for our tutore and Royal voulanteering it was successful presentation as our tutoe was soo proud of what we have done
*make sure to read the file that i will upload it which explain more about the report and the instruction which you should follow while you wrote the report

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