You have been promoted to the position of Hotel Operations Manager of the ‘Nicholson on Brunswick St’, a newly acquired hotel in Fitzroy Melbourne close to the CBD, entertainment venues such as the Melbourne Opera Centre, sporting arenas such as the MCG and Etihad Stadium, as well as a number of conference centres.
The Nicholson executive knows that you understand the latest organisational behaviour practices which contribute to organisational effectiveness by better ‘people management’. They want you to analyse and comment on what should be done in staffing the new hotel. In particular they want you to devise a plan that caters for individual differences and diversity among staff to be recruited, recommend which approach should be used, and justify why it should be adopted.
Assessment Instructions:
Analyse individual differences and the impact that these have on· organisational performance.
Devise and recommend a plan for the mode of employment that accounts· for differences in workers.
Explain and justify the approach you have recommended.·
Ensure all sources are correctly acknowledged (using the APA style).·
Background information on the Nicholson Hotel
The Nicholson Hotel is one of a small chain of hotels in every major Australian city. They are all located close to each city’s central business district (CBD). They have all been bought as existing hotels of different styles for previously different customers. They vary in age, design and facilities. The Nicholson chain is aiming to attract two types of customers; business people during the working week and event tourists on weekends. All hotels have gymnasium facilities and some have sauna, swimming pool, spa and health services.
Because these hotels have been acquired at various times in the past and from diverse businesses they vary in the type of staff employed and the level of education and skills these people have. In each case the Nicholson owners offered all existing staff the opportunity to maintain their employment. There were no forced redundancies or a big increase in recruitment of new staff, other than employing new managers for each hotel. This meant that the types of people employed were very diverse in their employment history and ages as well as from very different cultural backgrounds. There is also a wide range of age groups, from Gen Y to Baby Boomers, doing tasks ranging from routine and repetitive housekeeping, maintenance, laundry and food services to more engaging jobs involving direct interaction with customers. Current staff are employed as either ‘ongoing’ permanently employed staff as a carryover from their previous employer, newly recruited staff who are on employment contracts, casual staff who are employed on individual applications, and agency staff that are obtained from labour agencies when there is a need for additional staff

Your paper must include:
– People management: recommend a staff implant ( how you can handle with people)
– Individual difference (personality)
– Mention and discuss MARS Model of Individual Behaviour
– Five-Factor Personality Model (CANOE) concentrate on the need of Nicholson hotel with recommendation
– Teamwork and decision-making
– Recommendation validation

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